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Notre Dame Fighting Irish VS Clemson Tigers: Weather Report

Time for some northern revenge

Notre Dame v Clemson Photo by Tyler Smith/Getty Images

There is talk of revenge in the air for Saturday night’s matchuo between the Notre Dame Fighting Irish and Clemson Tigers — but it isn’t as simple as Dabo Swinney and D.J. Uiagalelei looking to avenge 2020’s loss in South Bend. Nope... because there’s rain in the air.

This game — at least on the surface — looks a lot more like the classic 2015 rain game between the two teams. And that revenge is all Notre Dame’s. That was the game that catapulted Clemson into the national championship runs that it had, and the Irish were left short once again.

So let’s make this one ours.

Of course a southern school comes to South Bend for a November heat wave. It’s what happens almost every time now. Even though it says warm — it’ll be wet and the wind will be insane.

If you start tailgating in the morning, maybe just wear as little clothing as possible to have dry stuff later (or a poncho I guess if you want to be weird about it).

As the day goes on, it’s pretty much more of the same. Fans are really going to have to want this — and if you don’t want this to be like Georgia 2017 or Cincinnati 2021 — that means wanting it enough to not make a crapload of money selling tickets to orange monsters.

Once game time arrives, and the sun goes down (sorry Brooks and Dunn) temperatures will start to go down, but the wind turns up even more.

Between the wind and the rain, this game may take a couple of really interesting turns. Hopefully those turns help the good guys in green — Notre Dame should wear green.