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Notre Dame Fighting Irish VS BYU Cougars: Shamrock Series Weather Report

Do you need this? Of course not.

Fresno State v UNLV Photo by David Becker/Getty Images

It’s Shamrock Series time for the Notre Dame Fighting Irish, and their heading out to Las Vegas to take on the BYU Cougars inside Allegiant Stadium.

With this being an indoor stadium, the weather will have even less impact than a sunny 60-degree calm day in South Bend — but let’s talk about it for just a minute anyways.

Look — it’s Vegas. It’s going to be sunny and it’s going to be warm. According to Accuweather, Saturday will be very warm out there for fans — but it will only reach a high of 91 degrees.

I’m not sure if it has improved or not (probably not) but a lot of reviews I read about Allegiant Stadium complained about parking and a lot of walking. Seeing as how many fans are staying somewhere in Vegas for the game, I’m not even sure how much of this applies.

Like... how much tailgating really gets done at an event like this? Why stand out in the sun and heat dealing with the hassles of tailgating for a night game, when there are perfectly air-conditioned casinos with tremendous food all over the place. I mean.. it’s Vegas.

Just don’t burn to the ground, gingers.

BTW... it’ll be a comfortable 74 degrees overnight for all of your post winning celebrations.