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Notre Dame Football: How do you eat for an Irish nooner?

We’re talking about an entirely different level of eat here

Parks and Recreation Photo by Chris Haston/NBCU Photo Bank/NBCUniversal via Getty Images via Getty Images

Unless you are the most hardcore of the hardcore, your usual Notre Dame tailgate/home party menu and eating schedule changes with the different kickoff times. There is a system in place for most fans whether it be the 2:30/3:30 game or one in prime time — I’m not here to alter your routines or change any traditions. I’m not here to really do anything — I am curious.

What does everyone do for a noon game? How do you squeeze every ounce of pregame fun out of the lead-up to the nooner?

While I’m insanely curious about how all of you out there handle this situation (please give all the details in the comments below), I think I’ll take this opportunity to pull back the curtains on how I’ve handled these nooners in the past.

6:00 AM — Wakes up, chug seasonal Red Bull, and gets dressed.
6:47 AM — Heads out into the woods in search of bigfoot.
7:31 AM — Back on the homestead. Still no bigfoot, but the haul of dead wolverines brings a smile to my face.
7:49 AM — Takes an extra hot shower and wash the skunkbear blood off of my chiseled body
8:23 AM — Pours a mixed bowl of cereal as an appetizer.

8:41 AM — Late for Mr. Toilet meeting.
9:01 AM — Pull out 3 pounds of bacon (minimum).
9:02 AM — Remember that you forgot to wash your hands after the meeting.
9:03 AM — Wash hands and packages of bacon (thankfully this wasn’t from the deli).
9:05 AM — Begin to cook bacon

9:11 AM — Wakes any heathen still sleeping in the house with Notre Dame’s marching band on all of the Alexas.
9:15 AM — Commence the manufacturing of Bloody Mary’s.
9:20 AM — Begin drinking Bloody Mary’s with wife while yelling at the kids to stop doing the Irish jig on the dining room table.
9:25 AM — Apologize for breakfast not being ready and explain the bigfoot hunt but leave out hand-washing incident.
9:27 AM — Slaps down the sausage in the pan to begin biscuit and gravy creation.
9:31 AM — Pulls bacon out of the oven and immediately uses stuffs Bloody Mary glass with bacon.

10:01 AM — Serves up a rushed order of biscuits and gravy along with the now-famous bacon, and scrambled eggs that magically appeared (many people are saying the daughter whipped those up and we were too preoccupied with Mary and the Blood that it went unnoticed).
10:34 AM — Sits down at desk and open Twitter up. Begins arguing with dumb opposing fans because it’s fun and helps get the juices flowing.
10:37 AM — Gets up and grab a PBR out of the fridge. Hollers at the boys to slice some tomatoes and prep some lettuce.
10:39 AM — Grabs bandage for the boys, inspects produce for blood, sees half-full Bloody Mary and chugs.
10:41 AM — Back to the desk and sees wife sitting on the couch. Locks office doors.

10:59 AM — Heads back to the fridge and just brings the 12 pack into the office.
11:00 AM — Watches more Gameday.
11:29 AM — Makes first of what will be many, many BLT’s for the day (all with a perfect spread of Duke’s Mayo).
11:47 AM — Falls asleep on the floor.
12:03 PM — Woken up by the boys stomping on my aging (yet chiseled) body. Chuckles about missing Corso’s picks.
12:04 PM — Grabs another plate of biscuits and gravy, but since the biscuits are now gone, makes a BLT and drenches with sausage gravy.
12:11 PM — Kickoff heaven (but seriously considers a breakfast burrito).

Like I said... that’s just an example of me. What about you? What’s your gameday food ritual/schedule for the nooner? Go Irish.