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Notre Dame: 44, UNLV: 21 OVERREACTIONS

Reactions were had

NCAA Football: UNLV at Notre Dame Matt Cashore-USA TODAY Sports

The 2022 Notre Dame Football Season is Just Confusion

The Notre Dame Fighting Irish won a game handily on Saturday against UNLV...or maybe not so handily if you ask the fan base. The Irish did what they were supposed to do when the expectations for them were pretty low after a home loss to Stanford. Luckily, the Irish scored enough points to win in the first quarter alone, but the rest of the game had some effects of being stalled. The theme of today’s overreactions is going to be “Fans Upset Even In An Objectively Solid Win.” Even so, I will explain that I can’t blame some of these takes.


In full transparency, our Supreme Warlord gets the nod for a post here because I will be (and already have been) adding “For the love of Christ on the Library” into my vernacular. But, here this is a true frustration I think we all have that Drew Pyne relies on Michael Mayer way too much. This is an overreaction that I also had because even if that is the case, it has been working overall. Mayer gets open and is a first-round draft pick. The other WRs don’t have a lack of talent IMO, but Pyne does rely on Mayer a lot. I would be even more upset if it didn’t overall work.

I’m lumping the above two into one overreaction and so I can also call myself out. Many tweets were like this during the game. Maybe it was because the outcome was not really ever in doubt after the first quarter and the Irish were still making mistakes, but the game was almost boring and annoying. We had yours truly and many others just upset and needing the game to be over. Maybe we just have gotten so used to this season being frustrating and still keeping us entertained/engaged at the same time. On Saturday, the game was not really entertaining after the first quarter. However, we all were saying for the team to get the win, but then the win wasn’t good enough. This take isn’t wrong, per se, but I can definitely call Alanis Morrissette because it was truly ironic.