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Notre Dame’s cheeseburger meal wasn’t enough to crack the polls

Charlie Weis is so pissed right now

Notre Dame v North Carolina Photo by Andy Mead/ISI Photos/Getty Images

The Notre Dame Fighting Irish are through with their cheeseburger bye week, and I’m about 11 pounds heavier. The Marshall weight must feel like 1100 pounds right now as the Irish are still ranked outside of the top 25 in both the AP Top 25 and Coaches Poll.

It was ALMOST a BLOOD WEEK type of week in college football, but almost on the next day might as well be not close.

While the Notre Dame Fighting Irish aren’t ranked, three of its opponents are ranked in the top 6 with the Ohio State Buckeyes #3, Clemson Tigers #5, and USC Trojans #6. Upcoming opponent BYU is #16, and the Syracuse Orange are #21/#22.

The fact that the Michigan Wolverines and its Downey soft schedule are ranked ahead of Clemson is enough to explain why these polls are bullshit forever and always — but still fun to look at.

Another amazingly fun thing to see is the North Carolina Tar Heels still getting more votes than Notre Dame in both polls as if the Irish didn’t skull fuck them in their own home. I’m just saying... I think it’s dumb.

Once again, Notre dame’s cheeseburger week just doesn’t hit as hard as it does for other schools — just ask Charlie Weis.