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Notre Dame Football: Week 8 Irish bowl projections are more focused

We got the perfect unis for this

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University of Notre Dame vs Syracuse University Getty

The Notre Dame Fighting Irish are in a world of shit. They enter week 8 with a 3-3 record after a ridiculous loss to the Stanford Cardinal at home. Say goodbye to the New Years Six and any fun with the college football playoff rankings when they’re released in a few weeks. The only thing left isn’t pride — it’s what’s the most interesting thing left ion the table.

The newest round of bowl projections has Notre Dame eyeing a Gator Bowl berth with 4 of the 9 outlets that I use predicting a very Duval Holiday Week. Three of the four have the Irish playing the Gators, while one tries to make 2020 a thing and slots the Razorbacks.

The most interesting ones, in my opinion, come from ESPN. One has the Irish going to the Sun Bowl for a chance to get a bowl win back from the Beavers, and another sends the Irish to New York to play Minnesota.

We have the perfect uniforms for that turd sandwich.

USA Today: VS Utah Utes in Holiday Bowl 12/28
CBS Sports: VS Arkansas Razorbacks in Gator Bowl 12/30
Sports Illustrated: Richard Johnson is too cool to predict
ESPN Bonagura: VS Minnesota Gophers in Pinstripe Bowl 12/29
ESPN Schlabach: VS Oregon State Beavers in Sun Bowl 12/30
CFN: VS Florida Gators in Gator Bowl 12/28
Athlon: VS Florida Gators in Gator Bowl 12/28
Action: VS Florida Gators in Gator Bowl 12/28
Sporting News: VS Iowa Hawkeyes in Duke’s Mayo Bowl 12/30