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Notre Dame Fighting Irish VS Stanford Cardinal: Weather Report

South Bend Shade

notre dame stadium at night Mike Miller/One Foot Down

The Notre Dame Fighting Irish return home this weekend to host the Stanford Cardinal for the Legends Trophy. Stanford knows all about legends — especially since this week David Shaw continues to spin a legend about fake touchdowns and fake whistles from back in 2012 — he can’t stop talking nonsense.

So anyways...

It’s that mid-October classic in South Bend on the even years — nerds.

Earlier this week, the weather forecast was calling for some rain. Fortunately for all of you that plan on being in attendance, that is no longer the case.

Depending upon your hardcoreness (it’s a thing) there will be a fine nip in the air the morning of the game. You might want to have an extra layer, or take an extra shot or two.

As the morning turns to the afternoon, the tempertaures creep into the mid 50’s but with the South Bend Shade, and wind gusts — there’s never going to be a warm moment.

Sunset is a little after 7:00 with kickoff coming about 40 minutes later. The temperature will start to really fall, and although the wind gusts calm down a bit — OH BABY it’s fall football weather in the midwest. You gotta love it.