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Top 3 things to eat while wandering campus on a Notre Dame Football Saturday

Get fat

Matt Cashore-USA TODAY Sports

The Notre Dame Fighting Irish return home for this week’s matchup against the Stanford Cardinal. It’s the first home night game of the season, which means there is ample time to properly tailgate.

One of the nice things about a night game is that there doesn’t ever feel like you need to rush through things. Seeing as how there are so many things one can see and do on Notre Dame’s campus on a gameday Saturday, the 2:30 kickoffs can weigh a fan down a little bit — especially if it’s the only visit of the year.

Against Stanford you’ll be wandering campus while trying to hit the Grotto, Basilica, Lakes, Chapel, Touchdown Jesus, the Gates, Bookstore, and whatever else. You’re going to need to eat (especially if that cooler you’re carrying around is full of Old Styles). So what’s good on campus? Here are the top three choices in no particular order:

K of C Steak Sandwiches

Noah Bongiovanni ’22 fires up the grill.
Barbara Johnston/University of Notre Dame

Located on God Quad next to the Coleman-Morse Center, the K of C grills up steaks for their famous steak sandwiches — a tradition that dates back to 1968. Look, I said this was in no particular order but that was a lie. This is the single best choice on campus.

Nelson’s Chicken

Located between Notre Dame Stadium and Purcell Pavilion, Nelson’s has a long history of filling Irish guts with some of the best chicken and potatoes one will ever eat. Don’t fret if you see a long line, these guys are hustlers and get people through at a quick pace.

Student Concessions

Sprinkled throughout campus are the student concessions. Burgers and hot dogs are the obvious selections here, but I’ve seen cookies and other things as well at these locations in the past. The money helps the general funds of the dorms and other student groups.


If you wander campus and starve — that’s on you. There are all sorts of things to eat at every turn. Hell — you can always just walk up to just about any tailgate and ask for whatever their serving up. The above three are some top choices, but Notre Dame fans are a generous bunch, and no one will let you go hungry on your pilgrimage.