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OFD Podcast: Submit your Notre Dame Football questions (or whatever) right here

We’re back on our offseason BS again

Statue of Constantine the Great, York, North Yorkshire
Statue of Constantine the Great, York, North Yorkshire. York was an important military base in Roman times. This statue of the Emperor Constantine the Great is sited outside York Minster, which stands on the spot where he was proclaimed Emperor by his soldiers in 306 after the death of his father Constantius Chlorus.
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It’s kind of the offseason for Notre Dame football — which is to say that this is the time that no games are played. Other than that, there are all sorts of things going on with the program, and with college football as a whole.

We haven’t had a Q&A on the podcast in quite some time, so this feels like the perfect time to break one out.

We are recording the next OFD Podcast on Wednesday night, so you’ll have ample time to drop your questions in the comments below. If you don’t quite recall how this works, let me remind you... pretty much anything goes here.

Sure — you could ask us if we fully believe that Tyler Buchner will be QB1 for Notre Dame this season, but you could also ask us what is the best FBS program that Drew Pyne could start for in 2022.

And yes... we really mean it when we say anything:

  • Top 5 anime movies of all-time.
  • Ravioli vs Tortellini.
  • Snow shoveling techniques.
  • Replace Notre Dame’s uniform concept with another school’s.
  • What’s the most mid-life crisis activity.

Or whatever.

We look forward to your questions, and they will be in the podcast late Wednesday night. (Only questions asked in this comment section and on the Twitter thread will be answered).