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#5 Notre Dame VS #9 Oklahoma State: Fiesta Bowl Game Thread and How to Watch

LFG... huckleberry

Brendan McAlinden

WELCOME TO THE LAST ROUND! And now it’s all awkward because I used a boxing metaphor with a western theme up top. So... howdy. The Fiesta Bowl is finally here and we get to see the 2021 Notre Dame Fighting Irish for the first time in 2022.

Now everything is weird.

Anyways... the Irish are all set to take on the Oklahoma State Cowboys and will do it with Marcus Freeman as the head coach of the team for the very first time. It’s a new era — so let’s really get a new era off on a right foot here with a New Years 6 win.

According to DraftKings Sportsbook, the game is now a pickem with an over/under of 45.5. Notre Dame was a 2.5 point favorite on Thursday, and a 1.5 point favorite on Friday. So... that’s a fair amount of movement after holding steady at 2.5 for about a month.


When: 1:00 PM
Where: State Farm Stadium, Glendale, Arizona
How to Watch: ESPN and ESPN+


Just in case you missed some of the coverage this week, let me remind you that everything you need to know is in the GAME WEEK STREAM.



The game thread is open below. I know many of us are on Twitter for most of the game, but I encourage you to vent and do other things that require more than 280 characters here.