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The Anti-Preview: #7 Notre Dame Fighting Irish VS Toledo Rockets

Blast off

Brendan McAlinden

For 14 years I have provided the most irrelevant game preview for the Notre Dame Fighting Irish— but I’ve also provide the most relevant fan preview for the Notre Dame Fighting Irish (don’t @ me).


Last week, Notre Dame did the most important thing a team can do — it won its game. The Noles were up for the challenge, but ND was able to win a wild one in the end. That’s a good thing — the bad thing lies with the multiple question marks coming out of the game. Add some injuries and a couple of major roster moves this week, and we have something that resembles a stew.

On Saturday we get a chance to see how Brian Kelly, his staff, and this team respond to the questions as this team develops.

Up next...

Toledo Rockets

It’s a MAC school for the home opener in South Bend. Toledo, at least, is likely one of the best teams in the MAC and is certainly the most talented program in the conference. They return over 90% of their production from last year, and had a nice easy win last week over Norfolk State.

What should you be drinking?

It’s called, “The Force.” There really isn’t much more to be said about its dominance with a name like that. The recipe comes from a friend (and a HUGE closet Notre Dame fan) Michael Felder AKA @InTheBleachers. This is what we do for home openers — we kick it with, “The Force.” Yep, it’s called tradition. Forget uniforms, turf preferences, or even fullbacks — this is what TRADITION really is.


We like to make ours in a Gatorade cooler, the type with the spout on the bottom so that there’s no dippage, I’m a germaphobe.

  • 24 cheap beers (Natural Light is our go to)
  • 1 half gallon cheap vodka (Aristocrat will do)
  • 1 19 oz Country Time Lemonade POWDER
  • *optional is a fifth of everclear (not suitable for freshmen)
  • *suggested is frozen lemonade or fruit punch concentrate (ice without watering things down)

Pour the case of beer into the cooler, add the vodka, stir in the lemonade powder. We like to put frozen blocks of ice in ziploc bags to keep it cold but strong. I will warn you that everyone’s first experience ends badly. I passed out for the first half of the UNC-Rutgers game in 2006, woke up, everyone was at the game and I was still at the house.

It is delicious though, I’ve seen it called Moose Juice and Summer Beer as well.

What should you be eating?

We need to keep this simple this week. many of you will be scrambling to get the Peacock setup. That doesn’t mean you should sacrifice great flavor. This is a great weekend for some beer can chicken.

What should you be wearing?

Notre Dame is welcoming a team from Michigan to its home turf. Yes... Toledo really is Michigan, and there’s no proof to say otherwise. Might as well break out the Skunkbear crap.

remember the six notre dame michigan

Remember The Six Shirt

  • $28

The rivalry has been renewed. And the last game—and true score—has not been forgotten.

Blue and gold print on a super-comfortable heather green tee. Premium, lightweight blended crewneck (60% cotton/40% polyester). Durable, yet ultra-soft. Unisex sizing with a snug fit. Men should size up; women should size down.

Designed by Nick Torres.

Screened in the USA.


Toledo Rockets,
Hailing from the Mighty Mac,
A big bridge up north.

Openers are neat,
Let Chris Tyree return kicks,
Like, for real return.

Be sure to throw your haikus in the comments below.

3 reasons to hate Toledo

  • There is still no Jack Griffin statue.
  • Every MACcentric staff writer on OFD hates Toledo — so you should too.
  • Have I mentioned how ridiculous it is that they have a 419 area code?

At the end of the day...

Notre Dame is vastly more talented from top to bottom, and after a week where question marks appeared, the players will be hungry to whoop some ass. Thsi probably deviates a little from my pod prediction, but IRISH 48 — Toledo 17.