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REPORT: Notre Dame to play BYU in Las Vegas as 2022 Shamrock Series Game


BYU v Notre Dame

According to report from Mark Anderson of the Las Vegas Review-Journal on Saturday, the Notre Dame Fighting Irish will play the BYU Cougars in Las Vegas’s Allegiant Stadium next season as part of the Shamrock Series.

No specifics were given in the report, nor was a specific date mentioned. Both teams, however, have an open date on October 8th and October 29th. Notre Dame still does not have dates for the 2022 games versus the Boston College Eagles and Syracuse Orange, so this will be a work in progress over the next few months.

Notre Dame owes BYU a “home” game according to their agreed upon contracts. In 2022 the Irish have 6 home games marked down — so don’t expect this to be a game on NBC. Notre Dame is already proving that they will just call anything anything when they announced that the 2021 game against the Wisconsin Badgers — while technically an away game on FOX — is a Shamrock Series game.

More to come as things are figured out. I will say though as far as a Shamrock Series game in Las Vegas is concerned... ALL GOLD EVERYTHING.