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Notre Dame Football: Hot and Cold Takes for The Cincinnati Bearcats

Two Words. Jordan Botelho.

Brendan McAlinden

How’d We Do Last Week?

As mentioned last week, I will feature the Most Interesting, Most Wildly Inaccurate, and Most Accurate Takes for the Notre Dame Fighting Irish from the previous week. Here we go!


If you focus on NSYNC you will be featured every week (probably)

JT has my heart, and always will.

Wildly Inaccurate


The offensive line stinks again. This take was definitely scorching, but have to call it out when I see it. The O-line struggled again this week and it needs to clean things up ASAPASAPASAPASAP.


“With Regularity” LOL

There were a handful of accurate takes, but I cannot get over the phrasing on this one. throwing interceptions with regularity summed up his performance. Also, there were 2 that were TDs.....which was a blast. I still can’t get over how long this ball floated in the air....shoutout CFB France for the Tweet!

Now let’s get to the takes for the upcoming action featuring the Notre Dame Fighting Irish against the Cincinnati Bearcats.

Cold Take

Braden Lenzy Touchdown

NCAA Football: Notre Dame at Florida State Melina Myers-USA TODAY Sports

Lenzy has been targeted a lot, but has had relatively quiet start to the year. Coan has missed some big opportunities with Lenzy streaking, and Lenzy missed a big opportunity against Purdue. This is the week he gets back on track with everything we saw/heard throughout fall camp. Cincy’s defense will be focused on Michael Mayer, Kevin Austin, and even Avery Davis. With that said, Lenzy will get 1 on 1 opportunities and will take full advantage of them. I am rooting incredibly hard for Lenzy and think he takes a step forward this week.

Hot Take

Jordan Botelho Registers Multiple Sacks

Botelho was very disruptive last week, though this wasn’t fully reflected in the stat sheet. He has a very high motor and craves contact. Last week was his first experience playing a meaningful role on defense, and he did a great job setting the edge and creating pressures. This week, he gets home multiple times, though I do have one caveat.....He may have 1 unnecessary roughness penalties because refs simply aren’t used to someone hitting another human so violently.

Your Takes: Please leave your takes below (hot, cold medium-any temp). I will feature the Top Takes next week. GO IRISH!