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Notre Dame Football: Irish unveil the 2021 Shamrock Series uniforms and they’re better than expected

They’re fine — which is fine

notre dame football shamrock series uniforms Notre Dame Athletics

With exactly 99% less pomp and circumstance than usual, the Notre Dame Fighting Irish unveiled the 2021 Shamrock Series uniform for the game against the Wisconsin Badgers at Soldier Field in Chicago.

It’s somewhat underwhelming, which means that it’s better than expected.

It’s the hated jersey that has been floating around for over a month now, but looks perfectly fine on a set of shoulder pads.

Notre Dame, of course, offers up a handful of “this is why” bullet points to explain why the uniform looks this way, but don’t let their Jedi mind tricks work on you — this was going to be the uniform (mostly) for last year’s scheduled Shamrock Series game in Green Bay. And honestly though... it doesn’t matter.

I’m not prepared at this pre lunch hour to describe these as HOT FIRE because that would be reaching a little bit. But... these are certainly one of the better Shamrock Series uniforms Notre Dame has produced. The jersey is much less of a “Wal-Mart” version than the retail jersey would portray, and it offers a simplicity in the details — which is fine. The helmet is untouched save the stars on the neck guard that represent the Chicago flag, and it allows the jersey to work.

Now let’s talk pants... again, they did a fine job here. They were going for a throwback look and the color combined with the sheen give off that vibe. The stripe down the leg to tie in the jersey is a fantastic touch.

These are much better than expected, and I can honestly say that I like them.


2021 Shamrock Series uniforms...

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So what do you think? While I think they look pretty good, when the team takes the field against Wisconsin in Chicago, I think they have the potential to look even better.

Fire away.