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Notre Dame Roster News: Hunter Spears medically retires from football

The Texan is moving forward with his life

Hunter Spears, Jacob Lacey, Kyren Williams notre dame Mike Miller/One Foot Down

On Thursday, Notre Dame Fighting Irish offensive lineman Hunter Spears announced that he is retiring from football due to medical reasons — physical and mental.

Spears was a highly sought after 4-Star defensive tackle from Texas, and eventually chose the Irish over programs like the Alabama Crimson Tide, Oklahoma State Cowboys, and more. He suffered a major injury in his high school years and was never able to fully recover.

While at Notre Dame, Spears was moved from the defensive line to the offensive line in an attempt to get the most out of him and his time. Again — the injuries just appeared to be too much to overcome, and his body was never quite ready. The physical struggle (like with many others) likely lead to any number of difficulties mentally and emotionally.

Our hearts go out to Spears, and wish nothing but the best for hiom as he enters a new chapter of his life. There’s a reason people say it’s “4 for 40” at Notre Dame, and he will still be able to continue his education in South Bend to prepare himself for a successful future.