Don’t Let Recruiting Success Distract You From The Dome Peacock Scandal

Yesterday, Notre Dame made headlines in the College Football world not once, but twice.

The first was NBC’s announcement that the Irish’s first home game of the 2021 football season would only be available behind a premium subscription paywall on the Peacock app. This announcement was predictably met with criticism across the board from fans and rightfully so. For the first time ever, Notre Dame fans were being told that they couldn’t watch a home game on network television without coughing up $4.99/month for premium access.

The Peacock bashing was not unanticipated though. NBC knew from experience how unpopular the move would be. We are only 4 months removed from their first attempt to bolster the app when it was announced that the Annual Blue vs Gold game would be a Peacock exclusive. Although free of charge, fans immediately reacted negatively to the decision.

To save face, NBC had to be ready this time around.

The second headline of the day just two hours later came with the announcement of Tobias Merriweather’s commitment to the Irish. With 4 stars pinned to his name, a 6’4" frame, and next-level athleticism, the Wide Receiver’s commitment was a slam dunk for the Notre Dame 2022 class. Fans were overjoyed with the addition of Tobias and now looking forward to seeing where another potential Wide Receiver, CJ Williams would land.

Just like that, the Peacock rage was over. Fans moved on with their day. All was well at 30 Rock.

How lucky was NBC that in just a matter of hours, a star commitment would come along to save the day? Of course, they couldn’t have known of Tobias’s decision prior to the announcement that a home game would be stolen from fans…could they? That would require NBC to have contacts within Notre Dame’s athletic department, the ability to control the timing of their announcement, and a desire to avoid criticism… a major corporation wouldn’t be interested in any of that…

I urge you, don’t forget about Peacock. It’s not going away.

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