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The Triple Option: People are finally starting to understand Notre Dame’s Independence

You can’t make them do anything

Mike Miller/One Foot Down

We are just a few days away from the start of fall camp for the Notre Dame Fighting Irish — are you excited yet? We still have plenty of questions about this year’s squad, but hopefully we get just a little bit of clarity come this weekend.

Time to call the triple-option...


It’s not often that I (or either of my podcast partners) agree with much of anything from a David Hale Joint. Last year’s ACC nonsense really tipped the scales — but in this article he actually seems to get what Notre Dame is trying to do— which is much different than we normally see from writers outside of the Notre Dame beat.

I also found the quotes from the athletic directors to be quite interesting — and quite the opposite of what you hear from their mouth-breathing coaches. YES... looking directly at you Pat Narduzzi.

So good for David Hale on this piece. While I don’t quite agree on everything, it was refreshing to see an outsider’s take without the agenda of what said outsider thinks ND should do.


The Athletic’s Matt Fortuna wrote about one of the things he can’t wait to see in college football this year... and it’s about the return of Notre Dame playing the Navy Midshipmen. I can’t say I agree with him — and I won’t.


2021 freshman EDGE player Devin Aupiu enrolled early at Notre Dame this winter, and then shortly after spring he put his name in the transfer portal. Aupiu has a new home, and it’s with the UCLA Bruins — the school he decommitted from when he chose the Irish.


While this doesn’t exactly pertain to Notre Dame, the fact that we are going to start seeing players across college athletics have licensing deals with the schools they play for definitely does.


Just a couple of random things I wanted to share: