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The first college football Saturday of the 2021 season: OPEN THREAD

It’s a real thing

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IT’S COLLEGE FOOTBALL SATURDAY! Even though we still have 8 days until the Notre Dame Fighting Irish take on the Florida State Seminoles in their season opener — college football is finally upon us.

So... it’s not the heaviest of slates — nor is it a day filled with great matchups. What we get are 5 game spread throughout the entire day, starting with the Nebraska Cornhuskers versus the Illinois Fighting Illini. Take the time today to plop down in front of the television and treat yourself to some college football. It’s been a long eight months, and even bad matchups can be fun.

Think of this as a little nit of a season primer, and let’s get ready for the big weeks to come.


A game thread is open below. I know many of us are on Twitter for most of the game, but I encourage you to vent and do other things that require more than 280 characters here.