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Notre Dame Football: What Can Fans Expect From Jack Coan’s First Start as Irish QB?

Coan is in the zone.

The new season will bring a fresh start for the Irish as Notre Dame returns to independence, and Notre Dame Stadium accommodates its full capacity. While much will return to normal, questions still characterize the season ahead. Specifically, what can Irish fans expect from new starting quarterback Jack Coan in the Florida State game?

Where the Irish Left Off

The last time the Irish and Seminoles met, the Irish played a little bit of tug of war on the scoreboard before a touchdown from Kyren Williams locked in Notre Dame’s lead. The game ended 42-26 in Notre Dame’s favor as then quarterback Ian Book put up two touchdowns for the Irish with a 200-yard passing performance.

Jack Coan Has Entered the Chat

While it’s been a full season since Coan has taken the field on a game day, he should have no issue making his first impression against a virtually absent Florida State pass rush. Even as the Seminoles look to the new and promising DE Marcus Cushnie to fill the empty spaces on his side of the ball, the established flow that Coan brings to the table should overpower a structure only just starting to take shape.

As for the opposing signal caller, Florida State’s Jordan Travis completed 13 of 24 passes and scored one touchdown against the Irish in the two teams’ 2020 game.

In a recent media appearance, Irish head coach Brian Kelly compared Coan’s accuracy to that of Ian Book. Tommy Rees has touted his consistency and the thoughtfulness to his reactivity. If he stays healthy, Coan should provide a safety net well beyond the Florida State game.

My Prediction

Irish coaches trust Coan because he brings the cohesion factor to this year’s team. While the Seminoles’ defense is still shaky, it isn’t vulnerable enough for Irish fans to expect a blowout game. I see a 41-31 Irish victory with three touchdowns from Coan.

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