Notre Dame Football Players OPEN to Join the Big 10

College football fans across the country have always wanted Notre Dame to join a conference. With Texas and Oklahoma making new waves joining the SEC, college sports fan have wondered if Notre Dame will join a conference for football. Notre Dame is in the ACC in every sport besides football and hockey since 2013. The conference that makes the most sense geographically is the Big Ten. The Big Ten splits in 2 divisions with the state of Indiana with Indiana and Purdue.

Notre Dame joined the ACC in football last year going undefeated if the ACC play but losing in the ACC championship game to Clemson. Notre Dame would do good in the ACC but has no true rivalry in that conference. The Irish would go back to playing teams like Michigan and Michigan State with true long, intense rivalry games across all sports.

Inside The Garage, a podcast with four Notre Dame football players talking about college football realignment in their last episode. They talked about Texas and Oklahoma joining the SEC all the way to a school like Coastal Carolina getting a shot vs an Alabama in the new 12 team playoff format. They asked the question, What conference would you rather be in the Big 10 or ACC? Their response was, "ACC last year, was like playing the same team every week. Just RPO. One receiver who was like that with an average quarterback, he isn't bad but not amazing - I think the Big Ten will be more competitive."

Notre Dame plays 2 huge Big Ten opponents over the next 3 years, Wisconsin (2021) and Ohio State (2022, 2023). Going to be an interesting situation over the next few years with Notre Dame and joining a conference. Notre Dame has publicly declined the Big Ten 2 times and has ties to the ACC, Will it be finally the time for Notre Dame to join a conference?

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