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Hot Uniform Take: It’s Time We Recognize Notre Dame’s 2016 Shamrock Series Uniforms

I’d wear the shoes myself.

While few Irish fans would argue there’s anything better than the classic blue jersey and gold pants, there’s no denying the excitement that comes with the anticipation of the Shamrock Series uniform drop. Notre Dame isn’t Notre Dame without tradition, but every season I look forward to seeing how the Irish will pay tribute to the program’s legacy in a new way and a new meaning.

I stay on uniform watch and I can’t stay silent any longer. I’ve run the numbers. I’ve analyzed the data, only to find out I’ve been right all along, and it’s time to say it: the best Shamrock Series uniform conversation begins and ends with 2016’s army green awesomeness, and I will tell you why.


There have been new takes on the leprechaun and tributes to past champions, but this design served as a unique homage to those who have given their lives in service to the United States and drew inspiration from the World War I memorial on the east door of the Basilica of the Sacred Heart.

Colors and Other Elements

I’ve addressed it before: gold is difficult to execute, and I’m looking at you, Washington Wizards. The truth is there’s a fine line between evoking exclusivity and calling to mind a grandma’s Cadillac, and these unis strike the right balance with the deep shade of green.

Green is not a school color, and for some nitpicky reason, that leads me to typically shy away from buying ND gear that’s mostly green, even though I love a good green jersey. However, the olive green in this uniform adds to a military tribute that’s more than “slap a flag and some camo on a Cleveland Browns hoodie and be done with it.”

The “Notre Dame” script and the jersey numbers get their striking look from the lettering on the memorial, while the helmet design and shoulder detail add realism without looking like things that belong on a computer screen.

It may be a hot take, but at least there are no Yankee pinstripes in sight.

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