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Notre Dame Football: Brian Kelly announces Jack Coan as the starting quarterback


NCAA Football: Notre Dame Blue-Gold Game Matt Cashore-USA TODAY Sports

The Notre Dame Fighting Irish have their new starting quarterback for the 2021 season, and to no one’s surprise — it’s Jack Coan. Last week Brian Kelly stated that he would be able to announce who would be the starter between Jack Coan and Drew Pyne after the first scrimmage — but the scrimmage came and went on Thursday with the only announcement from Kelly being that it would take a few more days and the players would be told before he said anything.

That day is now.

Jack Coan will be our starting QB.

All three quarterbacks distinguished themselves in the spring and preseason camp. Clearly, each has the skills necessary to lead, but Jack proved to be more consistent and therefore, going into our opener, gives us the best chance for success.

I like how Kelly took this opportunity to throw Tyler Buchner a little bit of a PR bump with the freshman obviously being the third QB in the discussion.

This is what we expected, and quite frankly, this is what has been planned — and that’s fine. The Irish will have an accomplished starter that helped lead his former team (Wisconsin Badgers) to the Rose Bowl in 2019, and that’s going to be huge when the Irish travel to Tallahassee to take on the Florida State Seminoles in the season opener.