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Notre Dame Football: There Are Actually Positives to Playing Neutral Site Shamrock Series Games

Many people get awesome experiences out of it

Boston College v Notre Dame Photo by Richard T Gagnon/Getty Images

So Many Spin Zones - Just Call Us Peloton

Yesterday, the Notre Dame Fighting Irish Shamrock Series uniforms were revealed to the public. This is even though we kinda got a glimpse of them on store racks in the bookstore while also seeing a leak on clothing websites. However, they were met with an overall liking after the leaked version seemed very suspect. That got me thinking about the Shamrock Series in general. This is not necessarily the game this year against Wisconsin - I mean the actual event itself.

The Shamrock Series games are naturally polarizing. I think this is kinda like cilantro or oysters, you either love or hate the idea of the game. I’ve never really heard an indifferent opinion on the Shamrock Series. You might actually have an indifferent opinion with mine - I think they are fine, but I don’t love them. I tend actually to fall into the side of liking them, but I agree with Joshua that home-and-home series should be played at each school’s home stadium. But, there are some other positives to take into account.

Some current Notre Dame students have the chance to take trips that they normally wouldn’t be able to take.

I provide this main reason because quite honestly I benefitted from this directly. Because of the Shamrock Series being a “home” game for the Irish, the ND Band would travel in full to the game site to play in the stands and perform a new halftime show. Every year, even if it were an insanely long bus ride to get there, the full band would travel and get to experience each place with no cost to the band members. Each member also got a per diem for any University-related trip they would take.

This all was a pretty damn sweet deal for one Matty G and his friends. I was able to take the trips to Chicago, Dallas, Indy, and Boston. I checked Jerry’s World and Fenway Park off my list to go see. Other students covering the game for The Observer, or student managers, or other groups were able to take this trip to places they might not normally be able to see for free. They were amazing experiences, and if they were home games there would not be that same extra trip happening for many students.

NCAA FOOTBALL: OCT 05 Shamrock Series - Notre Dame v Arizona State Photo by Patrick Green/Icon SMI/Corbis/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

NIL Opportunities.

This of course is a very new positive for these games. But, with endorsements and payment opportunities now abound, maybe some hometown guys in Chicago this year (or in whatever city in any future years) could do a commercial or connect to a local establishment to get their names out there for the game and for other local recruits. It is still best to get recruits to see Notre Dame’s campus, but this could be an expansion on the billboards put up across the country. Those were universally loved, and that opportunity could expand for guys to know they could come to Notre Dame and succeed just like the stars and up-and-coming players succeeding now.

It’s ok to admit that they are fun.

And these games have been fun. To the objectively awesome college football games to the craziness and stresses - at the end of the day, the Irish have found themselves on the right side of these Shamrock Series games up until this point. The players have gotten into the games, and the general fanbase who goes to the games have seemingly had fun as well. The uniforms add a level of hype for the players as well. The players play the game, and they seem to enjoy these games. I still would rather play on college campuses, but don’t knock the whole game because of that. We can find some pros in these Shamrock Series games.

Arizona State v Notre Dame football Khampha Bouaphanh/Fort Worth Star-Telegram/Tribune News Service via Getty Images