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Thanks for the last 5 years!

Those who stayed were wild AF

The legend of the Emperor
Brendan McAlinden

Yesterday I tweeted out a short bit about my 5 year anniversary as the site manager here at One Foot Down. I had planned on asking for fist bumps and the highest of high fives in our annual “how are we doing” post, but that may not appear until next week sometime — so here we are.

I suppose I could lay it all out on how I got here, the ridiculously rocky first 6 months (2016 season was a great way to kick things off), and all that jazz — but I’m not ready to do that just yet. That feels more like a “I have some personal news” type of post, which isn’t on the agenda.

What I do want to say is this... thank-you. Thank-you to everyone on the staff. Thank-you to all of our readers. Thank-you to all of our regulars in the comment section. Thank-you to our podcast listeners. Thank-you to all of my SBN Overlords over the last five years. And thank-you to my family for supporting me in all that I try to do here.

I realize that I’m not everyone’s cup of tea — and that’s fine. The staff here at OFD is large enough and diverse enough to make this more than just about my voice, which is all I ever want. I’m proud of what this site is, and I would easily put OFD up against ANY Notre Dame site as the best overall in coverage, opinion, fun, and variety across all available platforms.

But that’s just me.

So... cheers to the last 5 years and cheers to another year on deck.