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New Writer Introduction: J.J. Post Joins One Foot Down

All three college soccer fans out there rejoice, go Irish!

Michigan State v Notre Dame
Not J.J. Post kicking a soccer ball

Hello OFD faithful! I’m J.J. Post, Notre Dame’s most recent addition from the transfer portal.

Checking in as a 6’0 former high school volleyball and soccer bench mob member, I’m a pure hustle player with little technical ability in any sport of your choosing aside from spikeball. I’ll be arriving in South Bend by way of the greatest state in the Union (New Jersey) with a stop at the University of Wisconsin. My journey to becoming an Irish fan began when I was, uh, simply born into an Irish Catholic household in the northeast- like many great New Jerseyan Notre Dame fans before me, I was raised on a healthy diet of shore pizza, bagels, and T.J. Jones. For my 12th birthday I asked for tickets to game out in South Bend (my family ended up having to leave at halftime because the 10 degree conditions were a bit too cold for my then-two year old sister, a minor oversight in my planning). I was hooked. The tradition, the atmosphere, the Touchdown Jesus- all of it reminded me of a Saturday on campus like no other.

And now, eight years and a 2019 tour later, I’ll return again to Notre Dame for my first week of classes next month in August. Not much, aside from my abandonment of rec-specs and shaggy blonde hair, has changed. I’m still a fanatic regarding all things Fighting Irish athletics, from football (American) to football (European). If you’re looking for college soccer analysis (you probably aren’t) I will always be your guy. But I’m also plenty happy to talk football, basketball, volleyball, and just about any other sport ND has that you can think of.

In terms of my other fandoms, I’m generally a standard New Jersey/New York loyalist. I rabidly pull for the Giants, Red Bulls, Gotham FC, Devils, and Mets, in addition to the Utah Jazz, who I picked up when the Nets abandoned NJ (long story). When not writing, I can be found playing NCAA 14 on my Xbox 360, coaching my younger sisters’ soccer team, and screaming out obscure songs in the South Ward of Red Bull Arena. I can’t wait to get started covering ND for OneFootDown, hopefully without having to travel an hour across state lines for games like I occasionally did this spring at Wisconsin!

Bonus self promotion: You can find me posting bad jokes, takes, and photoshopped edits on Twitter @JayJayPost