Colin Cowherd Invests in 4 Notre Dame Football Players

Colin Coward launched a podcast network called The Volume back in January. The Volume is a network that has 8 different podcasts under the same roof. Anywhere from Colin Coward's own podcast to exclusive interviews with Aqib Talib. The Volume is a platform with the motto of "Same Sports. Different Angle."

The Volume has recently teamed up with 4 Notre Dame Football players as they start their own podcast called Inside The Garage. Kyle Hamilton, Cam Hart, Conor Ratigan, and KJ White take the microphone to give a different perspective to what Irish fans see every Saturday. Inside The Garage will be heard twice a week, giving you a behind the scenes listen to a student-athlete at Notre Dame. Notre Dame fans will love this podcast because it shows a side of the players the reporters can not see, making it a unique listen for Irish fans.

Coward loves the new addition to the team of The Volume, adding new concepts to his network. Coward was ecstatic about his introduction saying, "We began a search for compelling college athletes with personality and authority. We were lucky to find Kyle, Cam, Conor and KJ, who are passionate about podcasting and just happen to play for one of the most iconic brands in sports."

Athletes have never had this angle and platform to start a podcast or blog for some time now. Bussin' With the Boys is a podcast with 2 NFL Players, Will Compton and Taylor Lewan, with 100,000 subscribers on YouTube. University of Miami's football players, D'Eriq King and Ryan Ragone, recently started a podcast after the NLI rules struck college sports. Student-athletes around the country are starting podcasts as seen here with Inside The Garage.

The Name, Image, and Likeness also known as NIL has made it more appalling to start a podcast. As seen with Miami, players see the money they can make with talking sports, funny stories, and exclusive interviews. has paid both running back Isaiah Spiller and safety Demani Richardson $10,00 each for an exclusive interview through their site. The NIL has opened doors for opportunities such as this to happen.

Inside the Garage is a great listen for all college sports fan. Episode 1 released Wednesday which had funny recruiting stories, how they ended up at Notre Dame, and the upset at home vs Clemson. I would recommend listening, here is the link to listen on Apple Podcast.

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