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Fri-YAY Listicle: Medals for Notre Dame Sporting Events Moments of the Last 5 Years

Some electric moments over the last few years of Irish athletics

NCAA Womens Basketball: Final Four Championship Game-Notre Dame vs Mississippi State Joe Maiorana-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome, everyone, to the weekly One Foot Down listicle! Each week on Friday, Pat Rick and I will alternate providing for you all a listicle of the greatest/top/best Notre Dame Fighting Irish-related things we can think of. They might be more serious, but mostly they will probably be wacky (what else would you honestly expect from the two of us?). We are AMPED to provide these for you each week.

It’s the Olympics!

While I couldn’t find any records of any Fighting Irish players’ Flonkerton times, I did have the thought that we have had some pretty awesome moments in the last five years during Irish sporting events. Many magical moments have occurred, and we have been pretty lucky to see a lot of them whether in person or on TV. For a few of the main sports that we cover here at OFD, I wanted to get these moments on their OIympic podium (topical, right??). Which of these events won gold, silver, and bronze? Let’s find out.



Clemson win/field storming

No more explanation is needed


Finke Mossing UofM Defenders

What an absolutely boss moment this was. THE SLIPPERY FOX gets the medal here.


Setting the tone early on the way to romping USC and Sam Darnold

This game was SO much fun. Man we kicked the crap out of Sam Darnold and the Trojans that night. What an electric time.

Men’s Basketball


The steal and bucket to seal back-to-back Elite 8s

The 2015 Elite 8 run would take gold if this went back 6 years. But man, when momentum completely swings in your team’s direction especially at the end of the game like this, it’s exhilarating.


Marty drains FTs to secure the Maui championship


FINALLY beating UVA in the 2017 ACC Quarters

Women’s Basketball


The Shot - we all know which one I mean


The other shot - the other one where you know what I mean


Comeback to Beat UConn in the 2019 Final Four



Scoring in the final seconds to beat Michigan to go to the 2018 National Championship


Scoring in the final seconds against Providence to send the Irish to the 2018 Frozen Four


Scoring in OT to beat UMass-Lowell to go to the 2018 Frozen Four

Are other moments your favorites that you think should win medals for best moments? Let us know in the comments.