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Notre Dame Football: Is this really the Shamrock Series uniform this year?

It’s starting to look like it

The Notre Dame Fighting Irish have a Shamrock Series game this year against the Wisconsin Badgers despite the game ACTUALLY being classified as an away game for the Domers. The game is part of FOX’s Big Noon Kickoff — which of course is the complete opposite of what we are used to with most of the Series being in prime time on NBC.

There was a rumor and a picture circulating last month about Notre Dame’s possible uniform, and it was bad enough that I actually dismissed it as “maybe just a factory screw up.”

Well... maybe that isn’t the case. Maybe it really is the jersey for the Shamrock Series game. On the Hibbett website (thanks to Jude Seymour for finding), this jersey is being sold as a “Notre Dame Fighting Irish Shamrock Series” item. Like... it really might be a thing.

Wisconsin dropped their Shamrock Series uniforms a few weeks back, and have opted to wear the all whites. My theory at the time is that the school

‘s were going to wear special uniforms for the game in Green Bay (an Irish home game) in 2020 before it was all cancelled, and didn’t want their stockpiles of gear to go to waste.

Notre Dame usually unveils their Shamrock Series uniforms in August, so even if this is the jersey, we still have to wait and see if they do anything different with the pants and the helmet.