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OFD Podcast: Brian Kelly and the Hero’s Journey

There’s a story here in South Bend.

BK Skywalker
Brendan McAlinden

Joshua, Jude, and Brendan break out the pod machine for our special time with all of you to talk about the Notre Dame Fighting Irish football program. In this episode:

  • Can you run 21 MPH?
  • Showing Homefield a little more love.
  • An impromptu pizza debate leaves Jude scarred and broken.
  • The Jarrett Patterson situation.
  • Doing what’s best for the player - what’s that?
  • The possibility of a 12 team playoff.
  • What would that playoff mean for Notre Dame and its schedule?
  • Brian Kelly and the Hero’s Journey.
  • We go through all 12 stages of Joseph Campbell’s work on the Hero’s Journey with BK as our special journey.
  • Notre Dame baseball heads to Starkville.
  • We thought we were done... but tacked on an extra 15 minutes to go over some Vegas numbers and Bill Connelly’s math.
  • Joshua goes full “mayor of NYC in Ghostbusters 2.”

And plenty more weaved in and out of the show.

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