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The Triple Option: Notre Dame’s Blake Fisher just did something incredible

We have an offseason WOW moment for you

blake fisher Notre Dame Football Notre Dame Football

I just sat down to throw together a triple option post about some various news bits involving the Notre Dame Fighting Irish — and my jaw dropped after checking in on Twitter for a minute.



Before you try scolding me for track versus treadmill, and all of those things... it doesn’t matter. Just the fact that we have this little blurp is exciting enough. Blake Fisher is probably going to be the starting left tackle at Notre Dame for at least the next three years, and that means he’s only going to get bigger, stronger, and faster. Looking at him right now though — yeah this is what you get with 5-Star players.

You also get your upperclassmen in an uproar too hahahahaha...


A small bomb was dropped today when it was reported that the next likely model for the college football playoff isn’t an 8 team playoff — but an 8 team extension with 12 teams in all.

While personally I oppose expansion, the concept does put Notre Dame in a very good place. It all but assures the Irish can remain independent, and allows for a lot more leeway for them to be a playoff team. It may, however, be a slight deterrent with future schedules — as college football programs probably become more conference obsessed. Still... this is Notre Dame and they really don’t have a big problem filling out their schedule now.


The addition of offensive guard Cain Madden to Notre Dame’s 2021 roster definitley changes things up front, but what and how will likely remain a mystery until fall camp. Yes, Brian Kelly did say center was Jarrett Patterson’s best position — and no duh. The addition of Madden could mean Patterson moves back to center, but that’s only if Zeke Correll isn’t one of the best five players on the offensive line. The likely spot for Patterson is left guard, but I’m having a hard time ruling out anything.

How weird is this though... Notre Dame’s best offensive lineman doesn’t have a home right now.


The late addition of Blake Fisher’s running style made me think twice about the last option here... but it’s still going to be baseball. The Irish head to Starkville this weekend to play Mississippi State in the Super Regional.

In case you’ve been under a rock for the past few days... Niko Kavadas tore it up in the South Bend Regional, and we took notice — how could you not?