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Former ND Football Player Brandon Wimbush & MOGL Empower Athletes to Monetize their Name, Image, & Likeness

Following the Supreme Court’s unanimous vote in favor of college athletes in NCAA v Alston this past week, it is clear that things are changing in college athletics.

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: NOV 10 Florida State at Notre Dame
SOUTH BEND, IN - NOVEMBER 10: Notre Dame Fighting Irish quarterback Brandon Wimbush (7) throws the football in action during the first quarter of a football game between the Notre Dame Fighting Irish and the Florida State Seminoles on November 10, 2018 at Notre Dame Stadium in South Bend, Indiana.
Photo by Robin Alam/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Following the Supreme Court’s unanimous vote in favor of college athletes in NCAA v Alston this past week, it is clear that things are changing in college athletics. Somewhat related is the issue of “Name, Image and Likeness” in which college athletes will be able to monetize their brands as soon as July 1st in some states.

I had the chance to get an update from Brandon Wimbush and his business partner, Ayden Syal, this past weekend about what this means for their business MOGL.

MOGL was built for the empowerment of the athlete in this new era. The company is a two-sided marketplace that enables current and former college athletes to seek out opportunities to monetize their brands such as autograph signings, speaking engagements, and social media campaigns. Through MOGL, businesses will be able to interact with and book athletes like never before. With MOGL businesses will be able to build awareness for their products and services and provide exciting experiences for their customers.

The company was founded by former Notre Dame quarterback Brandon Wimbush and fellow Notre Dame classmate Ayden Syal. What makes MOGL different compared to other competitors in the space is their ability to empathize with the collegiate athlete experience, their focus on the local markets, and their commitment to improving the communities in which they operate in. Having both grown up playing sports and recognizing the importance of participation on youth development, MOGL’s founders have partnered with Every Kids Sports, a nonprofit dedicated to ensuring that all children can participate in youth athletics regardless of their income. The company will donate a portion of its proceeds directly to Every Kid Sports to help pay for equipment fees, registration fees, and travel fees for youth children.

“At MOGL, we are on a mission to help athletes to get paid and build their brand while making a profound impact in the local community”-Ayden Syal, CEO & Co-founder of MOGL. This is a brand new market but MOGL’s approach focused on providing opportunities for all athletes and improving the community is refreshing as opposed to the typical agency model which often is purely focused on profits.

Traction to Date

Over the past two years, MOGL has facilitated engagements between former collegiate athletes and local businesses and has also worked with numerous professional athletes and national brands. Notably, the company has worked with NFL Pro Bowl Safety Minkah Fitzpatrick of the Pittsburgh Steelers and Essentia Water. What is abundantly clear is that there is a large demand for college athletes and that MOGL has access to athletes throughout the country. The company is excited to be able to take the value that athletes provide to their universities and put it back into the communities that support them.

“The excitement and demand for athletes starting July 1st has been astonishing. We are extremely well positioned to provide access to athletes at scale for businesses and brands hoping to leverage our services” – Brandon Wimbush, Chief Athletic Officer and Co-founder.

How it Works

On MOGL, athletes and businesses alike can create their profiles and begin to seek out engagements. There are currently thousands of athletes on the MOGL waitlist and the company will permit them access to the platform once it is allowable by the NCAA in their respective states or at a federal level. Local businesses and national brands can currently sign up for a free trial with MOGL and post opportunities for athletes to apply to. On July 1st, athletes competing in states that will permit NIL monetization such as Florida, Texas, and Georgia will be available for opportunities through the MOGL platform.

On the platform, athletes will be able to disclose their activity directly to their universities, upload content to their profiles, direct message businesses and get paid for their services. The service is free for athletes to join and always will be.

MOGL is currently taking applications from businesses and athletes to join the platform once it is legal in their respective states.

Who it Serves

MOGL was built solely for the benefit of athletes and businesses. The service is designed to be the most seamless, secure, and compliant marketplace available for all college athletes. The company is not sold to universities thus they can legally offer a marketplace for student athletes. MOGL is committed to working closely with universities to ensure that athlete eligibilities are never impacted.

Built for athletes by athletes, MOGL is also committed to ensuring that MOGL athletes are prepared for the implications of making money for the first time. As a result, the company has partnered with Money Vehicle to offer financial literacy resources and modules designed specifically for athletes and their families.

Where MOGL Operates

MOGL will launch on July 1st in states where NIL is allowed. However, the service is available for businesses everywhere to begin their free trial.

How to Learn More

To learn more please visit MOGL at The company can also be found on Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter, and Facebook.

To connect directly, please email Ayden Syal, Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder at For general inquiries, please email

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