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OFD Podcast: Notre Dame Football and the Rise of the Machines

Math created artificial intelligence and we must destroy it

I’ll be back... for the math
Brendan McAlinden

Joshua, Jude, and Brendan have traveled back from the year 2029 to bring you great knowledge about the Notre Dame Fighting Irish football program (and more!). In this episode:

  • Happy Tim Brando Day!
  • Beautiful REVIEWS with poetry and girlfriend approval.
  • Schedule talk - like playing the Michigan Wolverines just 8 more times.
  • We discuss Bill Connelly’s 7-5 projection for Notre Dame via the SP+ formula.
  • Math sucks.
  • Defending math instead of watching football also sucks.
  • I didn’t come to this podcast to play school.
  • We really try to do “What we think we know about Notre Dame Football in 2021: Part 2 The Defense,” but our sidetrack nature took over about a dozen times... so it is what it is.
  • Bo Bauer and Drew White together is the most bro way to go.
  • Mike Elston has his guys humming and a strumming.
  • Build the entire country out of Kyle Hamilton.
  • Clarence Lewis, the prodigy.
  • Akayleb Evans would change the dynamic.
  • What about this Cain Madden kid from Marshall?
  • Mike Frank’s state run media prediction.
  • We list off our top 5 Homefield Collections that aren’t Notre Dame (which is being released at noon on Saturday).

And plenty more weaved in and out of the show.

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