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Notre Dame Football: Wisconsin unveils their Shamrock Series uniforms for game against the Irish

Someone is excited

The Wisconsin Badgers seem very excited to get on with the business of promoting the September, 25 Shamrock Series game against the Notre Dame Fighting Irish. On Tuesday, Wisconsin unveiled their uniforms for the game.

The coronavirus pandemic changed a lot of things in college football last season — most of which had to do with scheduling and fans at the games. Because of all of that, the Shamrock Series game for Wisconsin and Notre Dame at Lambeau Field in Green Bay was cancelled (and then rescheduled). That game was designated as a Notre Dame home game, while the neutral site game in Chicago at Soldier Field was designated as a Wisconsin home game.

Notre Dame wears special uniforms for the Shamrock Series, and OFD confirmed with a source that the uniforms for the game in Green Bay were especially nice (that’s all the info we’re passing on). Because these things are all done about a year in advance, perhaps both schools are using the uniforms that were designed for last year’s game — hence the all white for the “home” team Wisconsin.

While Notre Dame usually unveils their Shamrock Series uniforms in August, perhaps this early reveal by Wisconsin will force their hand a bit to release them a little earlier.