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Notre Dame Football Recruiting: How good can this 2022 class be for the Irish?

Do the numbers add up?

jaylen sneed notre dame football
Jaylen Sneed
Instagram @3nuke3

We’re all getting pretty excited about what this 2022 recruiting class for the Notre Dame Fighting Irish may be. It’s official visit season, and commitment announcements are sure to follow as we inch closer and closer to the 2021 season.

I sat down and casually started to think about the recruits that Notre Dame leads for, and the ones that they are very much in the mix to land come signing day. Will this collection of recruits be enough to be that top 5 white whale?

So, I clicked on over to the 247 class calculator and played around with it a bit. I started to add players (and positions) that I feel the Irish either can or will land. In all it was 13 more commitments to bring the total to 27. While I’m not entirely sure where Notre Dame will be with the numbers come signing day, the normal amount of attrition would suggest that this is fine.

This is in no way a prediction from me. This is just an exercise to see “what if?”. Still... I don’t think it’s impossible to get this — or something similar. The 13 players are:

  • Gavin Sawchuck RB
  • Xavier Nwankpa S
  • Jaylen Sneed LB
  • C.J Williams WR
  • Anthony Lucas DT
  • Junior Tuihalamaka LB
  • Tobias Merriweather WR
  • Billy Schrauth OL
  • Nicholas Anderson WR
  • Jake Taylor OL
  • Benjamin Morrison CB
  • Devin Moore S
  • Jake Pope S

The 27 player total gives the Irish a score of 291.6 which is good enough to be in the #4-#6 range for at least the last 5 years.

Again... I’m not saying this is all going to happen, but if Notre Dame is somewhere close to this list/total, the 2022 class will have been a great success. Play around with the numbers a bit and see where you are with it all. How good can this class be? If it’s anything like what I have listed — the answer is pretty damn good.