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Notre Dame Football: Fighting Irish freshmen jersey number tracker UPDATE

It’s a thing you maybe want to know... and that visor is fantastic

Prince Kollie

Rather than wait on all of the Notre Dame Fighting Irish freshmen football players to casually drop their jersey numbers into the social media universe, we can start to piece it all together right now.

We will go through what we know, and give a best guess on what we don’t know. The interesting part, is that there is already a mystery. Let’s do this Scooby Doo!


Here are the jersey numbers of the early enrollee freshmen.

#11 — Ron Powlus QB
#12 — Tyler Buchner QB
#15 — Ryan Barnes CB
#20 — Justin Walters S
#21 — Lorenzo Styles WR
#25 — Philip Riley CB
#44 — Devin Aupiu LB
#48 — Will Scweitzer DE
#50 — Rocco Spindler OL
#54 — Blake Fisher OL
#72 — Caleb Johnson OL
#80 — Cane Berrong TE
#88 — Mitchelll Evans TE
#97 — Gabe Rubio DL


The rest of the freshmen showed up on Friday, and through social media posts, we have figured out what number they were assigned.

#16 — Deion Colzie WR
#20 — JoJo Johnson CB
#22 — Logan Diggs RB
#24 — Audric Estime RB
#29 — Khari Gee S
#32 — Prince Kollie LB
#83 — Jayden Thomas WR


We saw the #20 on JoJo Johnson’s locker, but that number is already owned on offense by C’Bo Flemister and on defense by fellow freshman Justin Walters. To add to the mystery... there are some of us that think Johnson could be used at WR because of the lack of numbers. My best guess is that Johnson stays at CB, and Justin Walters takes #22 — which is open on defense and was his high school number. I don’t think anything changes with Flemister, but... we’ll see.


I’ll update this as we see more and more come around, but until then, here are my best guess for what’s left. (Please let me know in the comment section if you see anything new or any changes that should be made).

#8 — Kahanu Kia LB
#9 — Chance Tucker
#53 — Pat Coogan OL
#30 — Joshua Bryan K
#78 — Joe Alt OL
#91 — Jason Onye DL