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OFD Podcast: The gift of Kyle Hamilton and Notre Dame’s playoff options

Of course Greg is on the show

Brendan McAlinden

Brendan and Jude are Joshless this week, but best friend of the pod Greg Flammang (@greg2126) from was able to take time out of his busy LA lifestyle to come on the show and talk about the Notre Dame Fighting Irish - and much more. In this episode:

  • There was a t-shirt twist with The Good Brand, Homefield. Some might say it was SHIRT SHENANIGANS!
  • Greg is here... so of course we’re talking about playing Kyle Hamilton both ways.
  • What about these June enrollee freshmen? Who makes a move this fall?
  • Brendan talks about that bastard Bo Shembechler for a minute.
  • The playoff debate. Is this new thing really good for Notre Dame, or is it just a thing for Notre Dame?
  • CROOTIN! Don’t trash the players you silly bastards.
  • A shoutout for the Notre Dame baseball team.
  • Girl Scout cookies, kids, and their teeth that are only going to fall out anyways.
  • Underrating Kyle Hamilton. It’s a real thing.

And plenty more weaved in and out of the show.

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