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The Triple Option: Notre Dame’s football recruiting momentum is approaching the red line

Which might anger a certain FBS coach

Joshua Burnham, Marcus Freeman, and Junior Tuihalamaka
Twitter @JuniorNiuafe

With the season still a few months away and a flood of official and unofficial visits underway across the country — we’re still knee deep in what’s going on with Notre Dame football recruiting.

I feel like I just said these things — LIKE A FULLBACK DIVE IN THE TRIPLE OPTION LETS GO!

We have a date

One of the top targets on the Notre Dame recruiting board is 4-Star linebacker, Niuafe “Junior” Tuihalamaka. The 6’2” 238 pounder from California was once a commit to the USC Trojans (which just makes this so damn sweet) but has long been considered a srong lean to Notre Dame. We won’t have to wait long now that Junior’s visit to Notre Dame was an apparent success. Tuihalamaka will now announce his college decision on Saturday the 19th.

Brian Kelly is nothing but love

A 5-Star cornerback from Alabama loved his visit to Notre Dame — but more importantly — he loves Brian Kelly. OF COURSE HE DOES. How can you not love BK?

An official taste

If you ever wondered what an official visit to Notre Dame as a football recruit in the middle of summer looks like... Jaylen Sneed has your back here. Sneed is a 4-Star (#70 overall) linebacker recruit from South Carolina, and he (like many of the youth) has a TikTok. Jaylen is another linebacker than many believe is a strong lean to Notre Dame — so this just makes this all that more fun.

Your words mean nothing

Jim Harbaugh is having a hard time coaching the Michigan Wolverines. Even though Michigan went just 2-4 during the 2020 season, the non-ass-kicking by the Ohio State Buckeyes seems to have emboldened him to do something dumb.

And... those dumb words have consequences when recruits that you want actually show up to your giant toilet.