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The Triple Option: Notre Dame’s future first rounders and Arch Manning


I followed up a busy weekend with a busy Monday, but there is plenty of news about the Notre Dame Fighting Irish to go around — so let’s bring back the triple-option and put a solid drive together.


The NFL Draft is over, but that only means MORE draft talk for next season is on the agenda for many of us out there — regardless of how ridiculous it seems. In mock draft from Sport Illustrated, the Irish are projected to have three players selected in the first round.

Kyle Hamilton #3
Jarrett Patterson #26
Isaiah Foskey #30

While this may never come close to happening, it’s not a bad thing to see in May.


247’s Steve Wiltfong has the latest on the newest member of the Royal House of Manning. Visits are about to be a real thing, and Arch Manning wants to go to South Bend to check out Notre Dame.

I’ve stated several times that there’s little chance of this royal member committing treason by denying the SEC — BUT SOMEONE SAID THAT ABOUT PANDAS BEING BORN IN THE USA AT ONE POINT TOO.

Let’s just have this moment for a moment. Also... he says nothing about Michigan.


ND Insider’s Eric Hansen lists out the six players to keep on eye on — because these six players are the ones that he believes can make the Irish GREAT in 2021. I’ll let you read the article to find out who the six are, but I will say... I am extremely disappointed Eric chose to not mention the Great Grizzly Bear Bo Bauer. Just saying... it would have been great.


I love these videos that we have been seeing over the past few years of players being told by NFL Teams that they’re about to draft them. The raw emotion is incredible, and when it’s one of YOUR guys — it hits different. Here’s Daelin Hayes (who few had picked to be drafted at all) getting the phone call by the Baltimore Ravens — his favorite team since childhood. I love it.