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Everything you need to know about Notre Dame Football’s 6th spring practice


lorenzo styles notre dame football
Lorenzo Styles
Notre Dame Athletics

The Notre Dame Fighting Irish took the practice field for their fourth session of the spring period on Saturday. There is no media allowed for any practice this spring, but Notre Dame has provided us with photos and video to pass along to our readers. The videos aren’t the normal type of hype footage we normally see from Notre Dame on their social accounts — as there is a lot more meat on this 3 minute bone.

A few quick thoughts...

I’ve already complained about the lack of view for the defense (although I understand) but as many others have pointed out — the defensive line is really aggressive up front and there and shooting the gaps. While that puts pressure on the linebackers to step up and make a play, I’ve enjoyed what I’ve seen from Bo Bauer, Shayne Simon, and Isaiah Pryor.

Still no Drew White — but I’m sure we will get some clarification on Saturday at the latest.

It was nice to see some punt catching drills in action. The video showed four players back there fielding the punt; Lawrence Keys, Matt Salerno, Lorenzo Styles, and Kyren Williams. Chris Tyree stated last week that he was going to get a look at punt returner — and he may have — this is just what we have on the video.

Quarterback quick takes... I really like Jack Coan a lot and the ball that he throws. The TD pass to Cane Berrong was fun, even if it wasn’t some spectacular thing. Drew Pyne is a smart man and of the throws we saw, they went to Jordan Johnson, Braden Lenzy, and Michael Mayer — all fan faves. Tyler Buchner looks more and more comfortable out on the field, and the wheel route pass to C’Bo gave me warm fuzzy feelings.

The pecking order along the offensive line remains intact, and I’m curious to see if Notre Dame will show more shifts in those alignments throughout the rest of spring.