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Hey there Gonzaga Basketball! Welcome to the land of Notre Dame Football

There are no parting gifts

NCAA Football: Rose Bowl-Notre Dame vs Alabama Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

On the surface, comparing the Gonzaga Bulldogs basketball program to Notre Dame Fighting Irish football is pretty ridiculous. One program has 21 national championships and the other has none — which should mean they are worlds apart, but as we are finding out —they are not.

On Monday night Gonzaga once again failed to bring home a national championship. The Baylor Bears overwhelmed the Zags early, and never looked back. To some, it was an embarrassment for Gonzaga to end their undefeated season in such a way in the National Championship game. A lot of fans out there instantly started to dump on Gonzaga and dismissed every other accomplishment they had achieved throughout the season.

And then a funny thing happened... sports writers and sports personalities came to the defense of Mark Few and Gonzaga which is very confusing. I thought Joe Mouth-Breather was always in the right to trash a program that didn’t win the title? Right?

Yes, Chris... those are exactly the rules as I know them. Just like the rule that Deadspin (recreated Deadspin or not) be the biggest dicks that a dick can be and write an absolutely dickish article for no other reason than to be an even bigger dick.

This, of course, all reeks of familiarity. Notre Dame fans went through this three times in the Brian Kelly era by losing to the Alabama Crimson Tide in the BCS Championship in 2012, losing to the Clemson Tigers in the semi-final in 2018 and losing to Alabama again in the 2020 semi-final. All three times saw the winner of the game against Notre Dame crowned as the champion in blowout fashion — and writers and personalities everywhere were quick to whip up a trash heap to throw Notre Dame on.

So why were there so many to come to Gonzaga’s defense? Well, quite simply, this is basketball and no one really hates Gonzaga like Notre Dame — duh. More importantly, it’s because you simply can’t throw an entire season off of a cliff just because the team came up short (even in a big way). It’s nonsense, and it also dismisses the greatness of the team that won it all.

I’m not trying to get too deep in the weeds about all of this —I’m just saying that you should hold on to the receipts from Monday’s championship game. It’s always a fun time when you can expose a bad take by someone with a good take by that same person.