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Everything you need to know about Notre Dame Football’s 5th spring practice

You have a Michael Mayer — use the Michael Mayer

Josh Lugg and Jordan Botelho notre dame football
Josh Lugg and Jordan Botelho
Notre Dame Athletics

The Notre Dame Fighting Irish took the practice field for their fourth session of the spring period on Saturday. There is no media allowed for any practice this spring, but Notre Dame has provided us with photos and video to pass along to our readers. The videos aren’t the normal type of hype footage we normally see from Notre Dame on their social accounts — as there is a lot more meat on this 3 minute bone.

I think Tyler James from the South Bend Tribune said it best when referring to today’s practice footage:

Here are some more thoughts:

Yeah... it was a TON of Jack Coan to Michael Mayer today — and why wouldn’t it be? A good pass-catching tight end can be a a quarterback’s best friend, and Coan can certainly buddy up with one of the best tight ends (so far) that we have seen come into their sophomore year at Notre Dame.

Much more of Coan with the “ones” today and Drew Pyne with the “twos” throughout the clip.

Every time I see Rylie Mills on the field I think of Quenton Nelson. I mean — just look at him. The man takes up a ton of space, and has that wide upper body that helped give Nelson that “garage door with arms” moniker. Of all of Notre Dame’s defensive linemen that we’ve seen on these clips this spring. Mills and Jordan Botelho have flashed the most.

We continue to see more and more of Chris Tyree, and you have to love what you see. He’s effectively used in the pass game with those flare outs and his speed is definitely put on display. There’s a clip of him taking a handoff, ducking through his offensive linemen, and exploding away from the line of scrimmage that had me thinking of Barry Sanders (even if that is a comparison I would never ever make — I still made it).

We continue to see the the offensive line work the same way across the front on both “1st” and “2nd” teams.

There was a lot of Bo Bauer, Shayne Simon, and Isaiah Pryor running with the “ones” today. Someone is going to have to ask about Drew White this week when we get Brian Kelly, because he HAS to have some type of “hurt” or injury (unless I’m not seeing something).

Loved seeing a Jordan Johnson and Lorenzo Styles clip in there. No doubt some Irish fan somewhere is already prepping their vocal cords to scream about Kelly not game planning around Johnson OR declaring Kelly won’t play Styles because he’s a freshman.