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NFL Draft: What to expect for Notre Dame football players in rounds 2-3

More than the first round is a good guess

2021 NFL Draft Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

We’re on to day two for our favorite Notre Dame players and the 2021 NFL Draft — which means rounds two and three. I don’t really feel like rehashing the hot garbage from last night, but if you need some NFL toxicity as an appetizer, please feel free to check out my thoughts and desk banging RIGHT HERE.

Moving on...

There is a LOT of Irish talent still available in the draft.’s Daniel Jeremiah has five Notre Dame players ranked inside his top 105 — and 105 is the last pick of the 3rd round.

#15 LB Jeremiah Owusu-Koramoah
#47 OL Liam Eichenberg
#52 TE Tommy Tremble
#74 OL Aaron Banks
#82 Robert Hainsey

Even though things went crazy on Thursday night, there really is no way Eichenberg and Wu last very long in the 2nd round. That should be a couple of quick takes. After them, we may see a small drought until the third round were Tremble and Banks have long been expected to be picked.

Robert Hainsey is a really interesting name here. I think a lot of mocks and experts expect him to be a 4th or even 5th round guy, but there are a couple teams that will be in need of an inside guy on the offensive line, and the Pittsburgh Steelers at #87 in the 3rd looks like a nice maybe (but so does Tremble and Banks in that spot).

I’m not going to embarrass myself with any other predictions about who lands where. I fully expect at least 4 Irish names called on Friday night with a possibility of a 5th. In a draft that we expected to have the most Notre Dame players selected since 1994, the empty first round somehow changes that perspective.

The second round will begin around 7:00 PM EST, but who knows how many corny jokes or bad Kings of Leon songs they try to slip in before the first pick.