"Rugby" football in 1882, an excerpt from the Scholastic

This article was first published in the Yale Record, and was later featured in the Scholastic's College Gossip section on February 11, 1882.

"The 'Rugby' game of football has sunk to its proper level. As affording opportunities for a display of brute strength and trickery, it may be called a success; in all other respects it was an unmitigated failure. It has been superseded in England, and it promises to die soon in this country. The block game ought to be prevented at all events, and the most feasible plan for effecting this seems to be the substitution of kicking the ball through instead of snapping it back, in a scrimmage. Another feature in the present game which ought to be removed is the display of brute strength which the game involves. Rough playing and hard tackling occasion angry tempers and ungentlemanly actions."

This isn't a mind blowing excerpt, as the debate on whether or not to ban football across the United States would continue to escalate into the 1905 season, but I was in the middle of researching old-style football at Notre Dame and thought I'd share this bygone slice of history.

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