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2021 version of Notre Dame Football’s “The Shirt” is unveiled and it’s another gross one

More of the same, and a lot more in the back

On Friday, The Shirt committee unveiled the 2021 version for the Notre Dame Fighting Irish football season. It’s green, and has many, many graphics — but more on that in a minute.

So let’s get this fashion critique started...


This year’s version is green — as it should be each and every year. I have no real problem with the exact color, although it is a lot more seafoamy than kelly green. Last year it was a dark forest green. Again... green is good, but for the love of St. Joseph can someone finally make the decision to go with ONE shade of green? As a brand, Notre Dame has actual rules for this shit.

People will still buy the same color shirt as one or two or three of what they already own — it’s not going to force a dip in sales.


The front is actually not terrible this year. Of course they’re going to put one of the many “sayings” of Notre Dame on it, because somehow that particular thing is in the recipe. It’s cheesy — too cheesy, and you should never have more cheese than the actual food on the plate. Flip the Notre Dame Football and Strong and True around in size and placement and it’s a better product.


Hideous — and a god damn lie. First, the sheer size of the graphic is why these things always look like they were designed by and for Wal-Mart. It’s a terrible look. Insert another Notre Dame saying/quote per the recipe (which is a bad recipe) and now we are truly cooking with actual gas which is never a smart idea — it tastes funny. I loathe back graphics anyways, but these things always find a way to make them worse. Michael Mayer looks like he’s getting a little too fresh with Joe Wilkins, and why in the hell is the grass longer than what we had against the USC Trojans in 2005 on there? And yeah — nice gothic window frame.


Is there room for more graphics? There is? On the sleeves? COVER THEM UP! I get why, but again... it isn’t a good look, ever.


Don’t like at all. In fact — I like it less and less the more I look at it. But... charity and all that jazz. It’s more of the same, and will never be great because people just buy whatever Notre Dame puts in front of them.