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ryan barnes notre dame football
Ryan Barnes
Brendan McAlinden

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This Guy Plays Notre Dame Football: #15 Ryan “Bo” Barnes, Cornerback

The Early Enrollee Freshman is Up Next!

The Notre Dame Fighting Irish have a roster full of players, and we want to talk about them all. One Foot Down’s player profile series will, once again, take a look at every single one of them, and hopefully we all learn a little bit more about these guys, and Notre Dame’s chances for the upcoming 2021 season.

#15 Ryan “Bo” Barnes, CB

Next up for the Irish is early enrollee freshman Ryan “Bo” Barnes, out of Maryland. He is a long corner with a big frame, coming in at 6’2 185, which is the near perfect dimensions for the new age of man cover corners. While only a 3 star recruit, he held offers from the big boys including Clemson, Florida, Oklahoma, Georgia, and Michigan (barf) among others. Getting in early will definitely help Barnes compete for a role in the fall, though that will most likely be either on special teams or in the 2 deep. He absolutely will be given an opportunity, though at this point I would be surprised if he ascends like Clarence Lewis. Some things that immediately jump off of his tape is his ball skills and physicality....he clearly understands the game and isn’t afraid to bring the wood. He may need a bit more time to develop in the weight room and further progress his feet, but the makings are there for a great corner.

He also HAS flashed on tape, which is a good thing. Check out the ball skills below



His nickname is “Bo”, so I had to go with a pun on this one. I also low key love their biscuits and breakfast sandwiches. Fun fact... the Bojangles biscuits are made from scratch every 20 minutes to ensure freshness. How about that?


Barnes may creep into the 2 deep at corner, though it is tough to say given the limited visibility of Spring Ball. I am very excited to see him in the Spring Game and will look at his feet as well as his physicality against college WRs. The most likely role for Barnes in 2021 is a special teams player. He has the speed and physicality to do so, and hopefully can carve out his role!


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