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Holtz’s Heroes - Bread of Life Food Drive 2021

Helping families deal with food insecurities

It’s that time again for the annual Holtz’s Heroes Bread of Life food drive (BOLD). If you’re a regular to my weekly column, you’ve probably seen a BOLD post in years past. When I lived in St. Louis our local Notre Dame Alumni Club, along with hundred of ND Alumni Clubs across the country, held an in-person Bread of Life food drive each spring. Since it started in 1992, BOLD has gathered cans and boxes of food to help our nation’s needy (starting out in the Notre Dame Club of Staten Island) — people disadvantaged by age, health, injury, job circumstances, domestic abuse, abandonment or other personal crises. If you’re not familiar with BOLD, check out the video produced on its 25th anniversary. Watch the video here:

Similar to last year, this year there won’t be in-person food drives due to continued COVID-19 challenges. Instead of collecting and donating the usual amount of food, we’re asking our relatives and friends to help us raise cash donations.

Here’s a little more information:

  • Every dollar that’s contributed will be used to help organizations in your local community serving the needy, including Project Hospitality, the Salvation Army, Catholic Charities and others.
  • Recipient organizations will receive their share of funds in the form of food gift cards. Amounts will be proportional to the amount of food each organization would’ve received from BOLD this year.
  • It’s easy to make your donation online here:

The Holtz’s Heroes Foundation is proud to report that in 2020, in the middle of a global pandemic, Holtz’s Heroes BOLD was in 32 states, 306 cities, 7 countries and collected 2.8 million pieces of food. This year, with your help, they are looking to surpass the 3 million pieces of food mark.

Holtz’s Heroes and former Notre Dame running backs Randy Kinder and Timothy Klusas volunteer with the Bread of Life Food Drive and the Notre Dame Club of St. Louis.
Lisa Kelly

Please understand that prior to the pandemic the Holtz’s Heroes Foundation has never solicited money for BOLD. This year, once again, the circumstances are exceptional and the need for help is urgent. Please join us if you can, and please be as generous as you can be.

Thank you!

Lisa Kelly & Joe Delaney
Holtz’s Heroes & The BOLD 2021 Team

Randy Kinder and Joe Delaney, members of Hotlz’s Heros & the BOLD 2020 Team. (In 2018, Randy Kinder and the Holtz’s Heroes Foundation were recognized as Volunteers of the Year in partnership with the Bread of Life food drive.)