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Five old Notre Dame Football photos on a Friday — Fullbacks and more

It’s a royal position

They’ll Have to Take These Hurdles Again Photo by Bettmann Archive/Getty Images

Happy Friday everyone! I have access to thousands and thousands of Notre Dame Fighting Irish photos, and will never use a small fraction of those on this site. The thing is though — I want to, and I’m going to give it a solid shot as a way to bless the beginning of the weekend throughout the offseason.

I’m digging through the archives for fullbacks, halfbacks, tailbacks, quarterbacks, and whatever backs.

So let’s go!


We don’t have these type of fun photos anymore, and that’s a shame. Like — this isn’t Instagram worthy? Well then... YOU AREN’T WORTHY!

They’ll Have to Take These Hurdles Again
These hurdles are easy to take in practice sessions, but (left to right) Steve Juzwik, Right Halfback; Robert Hargraves, Quarterback; Angelo Bertelli, Left Halfback, and John Warner, Fullback, all members of the 1941 Notre Dame University football squad, show how they expect to take their four toughest opponents this fall.
Photo by Bettmann Archive/Getty Images


I really wish this was a color photo, but it will have to do — even if it shows Joe Bellino putting it to our lads.

Joe Bellino
Navy’s prize halfback Joe Bellino (R) dragging tacklers in a game against Notre Dame.
Photo by George Silk/The LIFE Picture Collection via Getty Images


There aren’t too many schools out there that can blitz Hollywood with a couple of Horsemen.

Notre Dame Football Movie
Group portrait of cast members of ‘The Spirit of Notre Dame,’ as they prepare to board a train to Hollywood, Chicago, Illinois, 1930. Pictured are, from left, Paul O’Connor, former fullback, Arthur McMannon, ex-tackle, Adam Walsh, captain of the famous 1924 ‘Four Horsemen’ team, Mrs. Knute Rockne, who will help direct the film, Alonzo Stagg, University of Chicago coach, John Law, 1929 captain, Bill Rockne, son of the coach, and Don MIller & Jim Crowley, two of the ‘Four Horsemen.’ Knute Rockne’s untimely death prevented his appearance in the picture.
Photo by Underwood Archives/Getty Images


Jerome Bettis is probably the greatest fullback in Notre Dame history, and somehow that declaration feels like an understatement.

Air Force Falcons vs Notre Dame Fighting Irish
Jerome Bettis #6, Running Back for the University of Notre Dame Fighting Irish runs the ball during the NCAA Western Athletic Conference college football game against the Air Force Falcons on 13 October 1990 at the Notre Dame Stadium in Notre Dame, Indiana, United States. The Notre Dame won the game 35 - 34.
Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Allsport/Getty Images


While Jerome Bettis may be the greatest Notre Dame fullback of all-time, no one looked more like the perfect fullback than Marc Edwards (he also kicked a lot of ass and in a two game stretch against the Boston College Eagles and USC Trojans he was as much of a Heisman player as any around).

Marc Edwards ND