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Notre Dame Football: It’s early, but I’m completely sold on Marcus Freeman at defensive coordinator

I feel good, so don’t kill my vibe

marcus freeman notre dame football
Marcus Freeman
Notre Dame Athletics

When the Notre Dame Fighting Irish were able to hire Marcus Freeman away from the Cincinnati Bearcats to be their next defensive coordinator — we knew it was a HUGE win. To be honest, this was a hire that I never thought was possible for Notre Dame. Freeman was the big fish and, and Notre Dame rarely landed the big fish at a coordinator position.

But they DID get him.

Irish fans should be excited about Freeman. He was one of the best defensive coordinators in the country, and his got every bit of production he could out of his Bearcat squad with his multiple fronts that focus more on attacking and playing fast than overanalyzing within a scheme. He can recruit with the best of them, and it’s obvious that a head coaching career is in the works for Freeman somewhere soon.

And that’s a lot of what you see and hear from Freeman in this short mic’d up video from Notre Dame. I was already sold on Freeman as a defensive coach and as a recruiter, but this short clip is like nitro into my veins for Freeman’s upcoming time at Notre Dame.

Games need to be played — but I like it a lot.