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Former Notre Dame Fighting Irish Football Player Drue Tranquill Starts A Podcast

The Drue Tranquill Podcast is a multi-disciplinary collection of conversations with high performing individuals (think entrepreneurs, CEOs, athletes, professors, pastors, etc.).

NFL: Los Angeles Chargers at Chicago Bears
Oct 27, 2019; Chicago, IL, USA; Los Angeles Chargers linebacker Drue Tranquill (49) reacts after defeating the Chicago Bears at Soldier Field. Mandatory Credit: Mike DiNovo
Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports

One thing I took away with me from my time at Notre Dame was a love for learning. I enjoy learning new things, and bettering myself, and am always looking for ways to stretch and grow. A few weeks ago I stumbled across a new podcast by former Notre Dame Fighting Irish captain and linebacker, Drue Tranquill (currently with the NFL’s Los Angeles Chargers), and it seems like it is right up my alley ... and maybe yours, too? And so I thought I’d share it with you today. Here’s a little bit more about it.

Join NFL linebacker and 2x Notre Dame Football captain, Drue Tranquill, as he uncovers the principles, tactics, and practices allowing businesses, teams, and individuals to function at their best. The Drue Tranquill Podcast is a multi-disciplinary collection of conversations with high performing individuals (entrepreneurs, CEOs, athletes, professors, pastors, etc.). We hope the thoughts and conversations on this podcast will prove to be a helpful resource in helping you maximize your God-given potential.

He has a trailer and four episodes posted. Here is who he’s interviewed so far:

Sam Acho, Author and NFL Linebacker, on life, happiness, and the power of being yoursel‪f‬

The Drue Tranquill Podcast

  • Entrepreneurship

Sam Acho is an author, NFL linebacker, and podcast host. From playing chess with Larry Fitzgerald to memorizing the prologue of the Canterbury Tales in Middle English, Sam has done many fascinating things in his life. In this episode we sit down to talk about his latest book Let the World See You: How to be real in a world full of fakes as well as stories from his childhood and 9-year career in the NFL.

In his book Sam challenges readers to take a deep look in and ask the question: ‘am I really living true to myself or am I pretending to be someone I’m not?’ If you’re interested you can find his book on Amazon or wherever else you buy books. You can also follow Sam on Instagram (@thesamacho) and Twitter (@thesamacho).

Justin Cohen, investment professional at Boston Children’s Hospital, on building wealth, the future viability of Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH), and money mindset‪s‬

The Drue Tranquill Podcast

  • Entrepreneurship

Justin Cohen is currently a member of the investment team at Boston Children’s Hospital. After graduating summa cum laude from the University of Notre Dame in Finance and Spanish, Justin spent a couple years at Ernst and Young in the valuation group before joining the Investment Office at Boston Children’s Hospital at the end of 2020.

In this episode we sit down to talk about the current climate of the economy, specifically equities and cryptocurrency. We address $GME v. Robinhood, spikes in day trading, the future viability of Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies, the impact COVID is having on markets and families, and ideas for closing economic gaps within society. Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, we discuss ideas for building a healthy relationship to money.

You can follow Drue on Twitter (@DTranquill), YouTube (Drue Tranquill), Instagram (@druetranquill).

Blas Moros | Creator of the Latticework, on reading 600+ books & principles for lifelong learnin‪g‬

The Drue Tranquill Podcast

  • Entrepreneurship

Blas Moros is a writer and voracious reader. He’s the mind behind the Rabbit Hole, a resource containing over 600 book summaries and recommendations (available at Morgan Housel in a recent tweet called the Rabbit Hole, “a goldmine.” This sea of ideas led Blas to create the Latticework, a network for lifelong learners. The Latticework is a framework that interconnects the big ideas from the big disciplines (can be found at Blas is a critical thinker who through both instinct and brute force has found a way to articulate ideas that we can all benefit from. Lastly, and most important, Blas is a husband and father — titles he values greatly. If you’re wondering how someone can be capable of such a high work output, without sacrificing the things that matter most, you should check out this episode. We can all take something from the organization and discipline Blas implements in his life.

In this episode we discuss the Rabbit Hole, Latticework, practical wisdom for lifelong learning, critical tools for time-management, work-life balance, infinite vs. finite games, Blas’s 10-day silent meditation retreat in Nepal, and ideas for improving student’s educational experience.

You can follow Blas on Twitter (@blasmoros).

If you’re interested in becoming a partner with the Latticework you can do so here:

The Latticework:

The Rabbit Hole:

Essay Blas wrote on what he wish he had while he was still a student athlete:

Books worth re-reading:

Dr. Amber Selking PhD. on leveraging the power of the mind, winning the mental game, neuroplasticity, and developing mindsets that translate to success in any competitive environmen‪t‬

The Drue Tranquill Podcast

  • Self-Improvement

Dr. Amber Selking PhD., is a sports psycologist and entrepreneur. She is the founder of the Selking Performance Group, a company that leverages the power of Mindset and Leadership to drive lasting change in individual lives, on athletic teams, in businesses, and throughout organizations. Dr. Selking’s expertise is in optimizing human performance by teaching people about how their brain works, providing strategies to build mindsets that facilitate success, and partnering with leaders to build people systems that are most conducive to high performance. She currently serves as the mental performance coach to the University of Notre Dame football team as well as the VP of Leadership & Culture Development at Lippert Components, Inc., a publicly-traded, global manufacturing company headquartered in Elkhart, IN. She is also the host of the Building Championship Mindsets podcast. In the episode, I sit down with Dr. Selking to discuss: how to leverage the power of the mind, how mental performance is changing the game in athletics and business, identity theories, neuroplasticity, and practical tools for developing a robust mental framework for success in any competitive environment.

You can follow Dr. Selking on Twitter (@DrSelking)

Selking Performance Group:

Building Championship Mindsets Podcast:

So there you have it! If you’re interested in listening, and/or following, you can subscribe to the Drue Tranquill Podcast here:


Apple Podcast:


You can also follow Drue on Twitter (@DTranquill) and Instagram (@druetranquill).

Cheers & GO IRISH!