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LORD IF YOU’RE LISTENING... Here’s how you can help

Not being a treacherous bastard is a good beginning

Nobles Before King Richard II Westminster 1387 (1864)
Nobles before King Richard II, Westminster, 1387 (1864). Lords Arundel, Gloucester, Nottingham, Derby and Warwick before the King, who demands the removal of the traitors who were about him. The five earls are known as the Lords Apellant. In 1387 they rebelled against the King, leaving him on the throne but effectively only as a figurehead.
Photo by Historica Graphica Collection/Heritage Images/Getty Images

Hey y’all — just your favorite neighborhood emperor here with a reminder and also asking for a solid. As we get closer and closer to entering the real football offseason, I want to make sure that you all realize we’re in this together, and that Sunday night game in Tallahassee is still half a year away for the Notre Dame Fighting Irish — literally.

This of course means months and months of fun and also months and months of speculation — which is absolutely fine and why we’re all here and not kicking back in an opium den in the middle of a desert.


I want to make sure that the discussion and fun we have over here at OFD is at a championship level. It’s why I’m asking all of you to consider doing a bit more.

There is always a story or two of great interest to the collective here that myself or the rest of the staff miss — or are just slightly delayed in posting the story. A lot of you are quick to throw it into the comment section of the last story posted as a way to discuss with the group. That’s absolutely fine, but I do have a better suggestion if you want to help the overall conversation here at the site...

Please use the FanShot or FanPost feature here at OFD and on the SB Nation network. They are quite easy to use, and are a great way to interact with the site. A lot of times, I like taking them from the sidebar and putting them on the main page for all to see and discuss.

FanShots can be as little as a title and a link to a story. The best and fastest way to use them is with a Twitter link.

FanPosts can be used as a way to really lay out your thoughts in more of a post atmosphere. These are great if you want to spark a conversation about something that’s being keeping you up at night or whatever. They’re also a prerequisite I use for most incoming new staff members, so if you’ve ever been interested in joining the OFD staff but weren’t sure how to start — this is how you start.

That’s enough rambling for now. I just wanted to make sure to highlight these specific things if any of you were interested. If you have any questions or thoughts, I’m here for you.